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When websites like Fig leaves, Simply Delicious, and Her Room started promoting Sexy Lingerie on the internet, many professionals expected that Sexy Lingerie Online they would fail. 'No one,' they reasoned, 'who would ever buy something so personal, romantic, and costly without first seeing it in person?.' 

Several years or so later, those professionals have been proven wrong, but many women are still naturally hesitant to buy underwear anywhere other than their local mall or america's favorite neighborhood walmart.

A swarm of women buy Intimate Apparel and very costly lingerie through the internet, with sales increasing each year but as with most things, neither strategy is the best one all of the time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if you should buy in store or order online:

You Should Buy Lingerie In-Store If
You have not been sized for a bra lately or your size has changed

(pregnancy/childbirth, body weight loss/gain, etc.)

You have unique needs (such as a mastectomy)

where recurring accessories are a need before buying

The experience of purchasing is just as essential as the real buy

(weddings, wedding bathrooms, etc.)

You only need a few, affordable fundamentals

(such as a simply dark or white-colored bra)

or you need something simple quick and right now.

You Should Buy Sexy Lingerie Online If
You already know your size and how it differs across brands

You value wide range over comfort

(online shops have a larger and better selection than regional stores)

You're able to wait day or so for shipping before getting your purchase
You want to buy from small-label developers or niches
(eco friendly, hand crafted, vintage, etc.)

You're a deal seeker who loves to shop around for the best deal

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