Dressing for the Summer Season

Summer fashion is all about bright colors and bold prints. So, make a splash in bold and bright dress and enjoy season to the fullest

Seasons come and go but fashion stays with us; fashion keeps changing to keep with the trends as well as with the seasons. As the winter wanes and sunny weather sets in we get alot more opportunities to take out our lovely hats and relaxing floral prints and soothing pastel colors. Summer is the season of warmth, bounty, greenery and thus fashion should also be some thing to exude a feeling of happiness and joy; feelings of freedom to experiment and have fun with colours. Summer means giving up the heavy, layered clothing and giving in to light, airy clothing. Whilst dressing in a approach to exude mirth and warmth 1 need to also take care to incorporate the proper protective measures against severe heat and sun burns. Summer comes gradually as winter transcends into spring and finally days turn out to be sunnier and warmer. For that reason fashion also transcends gradually as 1 should remember that we dress based on our comfort which is in tune with the season. Hence the underlying statement in fashion is about comfort and off course to look and feel beneficial. Summer gives us the choice to flaunt our skin extra and as a result we can decide on from a wide selection of shorts in denim, linen or cotton and go for trendy tank tops or cotton T-shirts. One can sport off cool capris in denim instead of wearing tight jeans which could be uncomfortable during the summer. Khaki prints, polo shirts, denim for either tops or bottoms are few issues that have worked throughout the ages and for a casual summer wear these are the most comfy but fashionable selections. Accessories like belts and dark shades ought to be utilized according to one's preferences.

Making use of light accessories throughout summer is suggested. Perfumes should be of extra fruity or floral fragrances than stronger ones; fruity and floral fragrances make 1 feel fresh and relaxed in the course of hot summer day. Color combination is very crucial. Lighter color tones, far more of pastels and white are soothing to wear as well as to the eyes. Heavy makeup is finest to stay clear of and staying close to natural shades make the summer fashion complete. Go for more comfy shoes and give up boots and closed shoes. Fashion is something that need to be in sync with the weather and should be appealing to everyone around. Hence appreciate the summer by dressing properly and feeling fantastic too.

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