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Summer season and bikini's go hand and hand for most women, but it also means that it's time time to pick out a new bikini to look great in. However this doesn't have to be a difficult task, it's pretty easy to find a bikini that would look great on you.

The best bikini for your body shape

First you will need to figure out your body shape to know what to highlight or down play with your bikini. If you're Athletic: Your hips and bust are fairly small and you're overall skinny, you should emphasize your frame by trying to make your hips and bust appear larger. For women with an Apple figure: You tend to have most weight in your bust and belly and your hips and legs are smaller. You should aim to complete your hourglass figure by choosing a bottom that makes your hips appear larger and top to make your bust look smaller. Last but not least if you have a Pear shaped figure: Most of your weight is around your butt and hips and your waist and shoulders are smaller. Select a top that makes your bust look bigger as this would complete your hourglass shape for the best possible look.

How to choose the right bikini top?

The fabric, cut and color of your bikini top can play a huge role in how it looks on you, keep these tips in mind when selecting a bikini top.

To make your bust look bigger: Avoid wearing black and instead go for bright colors or white. A top with ruffles can also give the appearance of volume. Halter top bikinis and Bandeau look best on women with a smaller chest. You could also wear bikini's that also have padding.

To make your bust look smaller: Wear dark colors, black or busy patterns. Avoid wearing any bikini top that doesn't have enough support for your breasts. Choose a bikini top with an underwire. Avoid Bandeaus, stripes or large patterns.

To emphasize your bust: You can draw more attention to your assets by wearing triangle tops also known as the classic string bikini look. Wearing a halter bikini or bandeau can also emphasize your cleavage.

How to choose the right bikini bottom?

Selecting the right bikini bottom doesn't only effect how cute your butt looks, it can also emphasize your legs or direction attention away from them. Follow these tips when picking a bikini bottom.

To make your but look bigger: Go with a light colored bottom or white, ruffled string bottoms or boyshorts.

To make your butt look smaller: Go for dark colors or black, stay away from stripes or busy patterns. High cut or tie together bottoms can also work for this.

To make your legs appear longer: A high cut bottom that rounds up to your hipbones.

To make your legs appear shorter: Boyshorts, as it will cut a sharp horizontal line at the top of your thighs.

Bandeaus: You've probably seen it mentioned above a few times above and aren't sure what it is...well a bandeau top is a band-shaped covering specifically the breasts.

How to look sexy in any bikini?

Follow these steps: order the bikini you want to look sexy in, after it arrives and you're ready to wear it. Put on your bikini and then look in the mirror and assert to yourself with confidence..."i'm sexy". The laws of attraction will take care of the rest because no matter what your appearance. Confidence is always attractive. We've all had those moments when you get a new bikini that you love in store and after you bring it home and put it on something just isn't right and you can't help but blame yourself as being it. It's important to remember that wearing your bikini with confidence plays a huge part on how it will appear to others. After all the most important thing a girl can wear is her confidence.