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White Dresses

Little white dresses are the must have this season. For those looking for white and ivory dresses we're here for you! It doesn't have to be your wedding day to wear a white dress, discover a variety of white dresses in designs that will complement your wardrobe. White dresses look great with a summer tan and are very fashionable for summer and vacation. Wearing a white dress can help you stand out at a party or club where most girls would opt for a black dress, you can never go wrong with a white dress.

Wearing White Dresses

Know the occasion: Before buying your white dress you should consider if wearing one is appropriate, read more on knowing when to wear white here. Are you going to work, a date or a night out on with the girls. You should take a look at photos of others wearing white for inspiration. A white dress portrays an idea of innocence so for a night out you should opt for an adult style that shows a little more skin when wearing it out on the town. White for work is totally acceptable. They do appear to be more casual in appearance so if you require a professional look then wear layers such as a belted cardigan or blazer over your dress and use heels rather than flats.

Picking the right shade of white: Not all white dresses are created equal as some can be solid and others opaque. When purchasing a white dress do consider if it's a see through fabric by placing the dress up against the light. Hold your hand behind the dress and look to see how obvious it is. If you can see the color and shape of your hand it's a good chance that when you wear this dress it will show everything underneath. Wearing a see through white dress should only be purchased with the right undergarments. The lingere you wear under a white dress should match your skin color, it's usually the case that wearing white underwear is quite visible under white fabric.

Accessorizing a white dress can be tricky: you can go with a classic look by wearing pearls or be bold with accessories that pop and contrast. Bright colors such as pinks, greens or neons can add flare. Wide belts can add dimension to a white dress. If you wish to dress up or down then you can pair a white dress with a blazer, cardigan or even a belt on the waist. As white is a very neutral color it can be paired with any color and be suitable.