How Much is Too Much Makeup?

Are You Wearing Too Much Makeup? For many women, makeup is like armor -- it makes them feel protected, safe and fortified against the world
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Ever heard the expression "too much makeup" but you're not entirely sure what that may perhaps mean? What precisely is "too much makeup"? When a woman walks by who's wearing "too much makeup", the thought that she is or is not wearing too much makeup is certainly up to the discrimination of the person who's making the statement - but often one can find some surefire ways to know, and to keep away from, wearing too much makeup. 1st and foremost:

Select Eyes or Lips - Never Both!: A key to avoiding receiving any "you're wearing too much makeup!" comments is to steer clear of accentuating both your eyes and your lips at the same time. It really is very important that you pick out to either make your eyes or your lips the focal point on your face, but to in no way opt for both. If you are wearing a glamorous bright red lipstick, play down your eyes by wearing natural eye shadows and uncomplicated eye liner. If you're going for a smoky eye appearance, apply a nude or pink toned lipstick to your lips.

Select a Blush that's Appropriate for your Skin Tone: Wearing a blush that is too dark, too pink, or too red for your skin tone can be a very good method to give the impression that you are wearing an excessive amount of makeup on your face. The most beneficial approach to opt for a blush shade for your cheeks is to attempt and emulate the blush you've naturally occur on your face if you're feeling hot, or the flush color that your cheeks have right after an excellent run or workout.

Darker blushes are acceptable for night time, but still stick to blush tones that match your skin tone. As an example, if you have a blue undertone to your skin, opt for blush shades that also have a blue undertone (coral, pink and rose tones). In the event you have a warmer complexion with a warm undertone, pick warmer blush shades.

An excessive amount of Eye Makeup?

A lot of girls make the mistake of being "overzealous" with the application of their eye shadow, which causes for it to be applied a bit heavier than expected. If your eye shadow does turn out to be a bit darker than you thought it would, take your powder and pat it over top of your eye shadow to lessen the intensity.

TIP: Whenever applying a brand new shade of eye shadow for the first time, apply little amounts of it and improve the quantity you apply to produce the look you would like.

Pick out a Foundation with Suitable Coverage: Believe it or not, but most ladies don't require foundation to be applied to their whole face. Pick some select areas that require some additional coverage (which include the chin or around the nose region) and apply foundation only to those areas. Blend it in well so that nobody can tell you are even wearing it!

When at all possible, avoid wearing "full" coverage foundation as this typically gives girls that dreaded "pancake" skin appearance, which is never flattering. Make use of foundation sparingly and focus on applying concealer and powder to any spots that may need heavier coverage.

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