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Jeans are an important part of women s wardrobe. It is unimaginable to consider the wardrobe complete without it. Well fitting pair of jeans have a different appeal every time you wear them. Jeans look great with everything
buying new jeans

Shopping for Jeans: Secrets to Buying the Perfect Pair Are you looking for the perfect addition of a new pair of jeans to your wardrobe? Often times, it may seem difficult to find the right shape, fit, a flattering look, or even a flattering wash of jeans. Do you want to purchase the perfect looking pair of jeans for you? If so, we have a few tips about washes, shapes, and the many different ways in which you can wear jeans, depending upon their wash and look.

Get the Right Shape for You When looking for the perfect pair of jeans, you want to be sure to get the right overall shape for your body. Jeans should fit well, not sag in the back when you stand or sit, should not need to be constantly pulled-up (although you can also find a matching belt to alleviate this), and should help to show off your best assets. Opt for straight-legged jeans if you have longer legs. Or, if you really like your hips and thighs, go for something that shows that part of your body off, perhaps something with large pockets or embellishments on the back.

Select the Right Wash Selecting the right wash for you can also be difficult. Go for a more classic wash instead of opting for something hip and cool. Trendy washes may look great for a season or two, but, after a few years, you may regret your purchase of sandblasted or acid wash jeans. The best washes happen to be those that air on the darker side. These washes look more professional, tailored, and grown up. That is not to say that you cannot own a pair or two of lighter washed jeans if you feel they look great on you! They are just not always appropriate for special occasions, professional environments, or for looking dressy.

Jeans: No Longer Just Casual Clothing The great thing about the above paragraph is that jeans are no longer just considered a casual piece of clothing. Instead, jeans are now more sophisticated, with a much larger selection of washes, colors, sizes, and shapes. No matter what you look for in a pair of jeans, and no matter where you plan on wearing them after you buy them, from the office on casual Fridays, to out on the town, or just around the house, you can find something for you.

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