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Quirky and Trendy Women's Clothing Shops

Sometimes you want to make a statement but you don't want to shop where everyone else shops. These shops sell unusual yet quirky and fun clothing that would be hard to find in most regular stores. If you are looking for that perfect dress, skirt, leggings, top or anything else that is quirky yet stylish, these shops are for you.

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Attitude clothing: www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/ Looking for clothing, shoes and accessories with real attitude? This shop is your spot. They have everything covered from punk, goth, burlesque and much more. If you want to dress in a style that's different and unique and need a store that showcases many different items, this is it. Their prices are affordable and you are sure to make quite a statement with their clothing.

Worn by: http://www.wornby.co.uk/ Worn by specializes in clothes that should be worn by you. If you adore fashions that have been inspired by iconic moments or people in rock and roll history then this store is for you. The even greater thing about this store is it's appealing for both men and women. You'll find tee's and vests, sweaters and dresses, and much more. Need a good outfit for your next gig, go to worn by and get your rock on.

Daisy Street: http://www.daisystreet.co.uk/ Some of the coolest fashion stores now are online stores or e-tailers as we like to call them. Daisy Street not only has all the trendy outfits you could want, but also has a wide selection of quirky and fun clothing. At daisy Street, fashion is everything with lots of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories to choose from.

Batoko: http://www.batoko.com/ Looking for an alternative to fashion that is fun and unique, yet doesn't cost a fortune or isn't too out of the ordinary. At Batoko you can shop for fun and quirky clothes like space cat tees, bitchin barbie vests and bullet bracelets. Maybe prints are your specialty. You're in luck; Batoko has an awesome selection of prints, so check them out.

Disturbia clothing: http://www.disturbia.co.uk/ Disturbia's clothing is centered on tees that have bold illustrations and slogans that are angry or edgy. Here at Disturbia, you will always find the darker side to culture. If you want to make a statement and are tired of the bubblegum lifestyle your normal trends might portray, take a look at the alternative clothes Disturbia has to offer.

Charles of London: http://www.charlesoflondon.com/ Are you a rocker looking for a little edge? At Charles of London, you'll find clothes and accessories to make you stand out at any club or bar. Super funky fashions include skulls, punks, poppies and claws, and also have several rock and roll themed clothes for you to choose from.

Kuji Shop: http://www.kujishop.co.uk/ With Kuji shop, things are rarely shown twice. With so many creative artists and designers all showing their wares you will have quite a selection to choose from. Your outfits will always be different and unique, and you will definitely stand out looking good.

Me&Yu: http://www.meandyu.com/ Maybe you are looking for something that is a bit more unique but with more of a personal touch. Hand printed t-shirts are a good way to go because they add more of a personal touch to your style of clothing. There are plenty of opportunities for you to stand out with items from Me&Yu. From designs and illustrations that are inspired by imaginary worlds, animals inspiring quotes and much more, there is something for everyone.

Sourpuss clothing: http://www.messycloset.com/brands/sourpuss-clothing/1001784687/ If you like to walk off the beaten path than look at some of the styles and clothing from Sourpuss. You'll find a lot of old punk, tattooed pinups, retro and vintage clothing as well as many other oddities that are sure to tickle your fancy. They not only carry their own brand but also carry other reputable brands to choose from.

Black Score: http://www.blackscore.co.uk/ If you're looking for a quirky tee that has a neat and edgy saying, then this is another place for you to look at. You can find all sorts of themes and sayings that are unique but still trendy. There have even been several celebrities snapped in a black score. So what are you waiting for, come score big with Black Score.

Alice Takes A Trip: http://www.alicetakesatrip.com/ If you're looking for a store inspired by victorian dolls, fairy tales and myths, then come take a trip with alice. These tees and dresses put an edgy stamp to current trends and will help you find that special outfit you've been looking for. So what are you waiting for, take a trip to the darker side of wonderland.

Drop Dead clothing: http://www.iheartdropdead.com/ Have a fun time shopping for things that are naughty but nice at Drop Dead. With edgy and unique fashions like slogan tees, knitted vests, dresses, jumpers and much more, you'll find something to make the people around you drop dead, at least figuratively anyway. You can also find some neat little accessories like iPhone cases, jewelry, and some cute plush teddies.

Quirky Celia: http://www.quirkycelia.co.uk/ Quirky Celia has an awesome selection of women's clothing, jewelry, accessories and home ware for the woman who wants to wear something different than the usual products. If you are a fan of spiders, owls, hedgehogs, tigers, zombies, or other crazy animals, take a look at this shop.

Not for Ponies: http://www.notforponies.co.uk/ Looking for something a little bubbly but fun? Look at some of the fashions from Not for Ponies. With items such as pigeon printed tees, owl print sweaters, pug necklaces and sushi key rings, you'll find something quirky and different.

Ohh Deer: http://www.ohhdeer.com/ Looking for animals with imagination? The prints from Ohh Deer will give you an interesting experience. From jumper wearing foxes to cats shooting lasers from their eyes, you'll have a fun time looking at these odd but awesome illustrated prints.

Don't Feed the Bears: http://www.dontfeedthebears.co.uk/ This quirky clothing store is an online store featuring hand drawn and hand printed items. It has everything from monocles', top hats and pipes to walking sticks, TV's, and popcorn, all sporting foxes, bears, wolves and hares. Doesn't this all want to make you take a Canadian road trip?

FlipFlop and Fangs: http://www.flipflopandfangs.co.uk/ If you are a girl who has a twisted sense of humor, then you will love FlipFlop and Fangs. Take a chance with these crazy alternative fashions and bright designs that are not the norm. If you are a girl who loves to be different, sink your teeth into FlipFlop and Fangs.

Bitching and Junkfood: http://www.bitchingandjunkfood.com/ These two things are what we enjoy most after a long night of drinking. What we don't enjoy however, is the awful hangover we get the next day. Give that bitching hangover a slap with some must haves from Bitching and Junkfood that are quirky and fun.

Electra french: http://www.electrafrench.com/ Looking for a little japanese inspired clothing? Look no further than Electra French. This graffiti inspired clothing shop gets their inspirations from modern japanese culture as well as disco, comics, punk and 80's New York artists. They also have a great range of accessories to compliment your quirky clothes from printed totes, sunglasses, badges, hair clips and much more. If you're looking for something a little pacman inspired and crazy, you'll fall in love with Electra French.

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